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tv   Islam and the West  CSPAN  September 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:12pm EDT

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as plottin we hadoreha 180,000ros fighting two ws. tards aing nuear weapon. ma oour aies were ls suppti oameric leeriphan they hadeen i decades. lo wree are now. told the globconomy t freefall, thanks to t ha work andacrifice of the amican peoe. avredeployed welver 100,00trpsroir and ghisno they cagoom rest, and train fo future contingencies. cut off in's ph to nuclear weapons. we convincedussia to reduce their nucleareapons arsenal. ay,srael,ur and we broug oma bin laden
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tousce weidhat, we americans did l of that working toghe across party lines. d there iso esone ve more wortoo. but let's be clear, we are stronger together. and it will be my goaif a fortunate enou to beou pridt to bring people ck togeth again, to seturoa and move forwa to achieve them. [appus i know we can't zy up to ctators. weave to stand up to the we can contain isis. we well -- will do whater is necessy for long as it takes to bring them to stice and and tir reign of terror ce and for all. thelti is ouhoto make things better
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ma n mistake, i believe we do have bettedays ahe. but things can also get rse. more countries genuea weon iwebaonur our commander in chief orders our mility break the ls a cmi torture or murde terrorists' family membe. th iwhy its so critical at we get this rig. and let me underorwh i have said thughout this campai. we must lyend outroops toa's ways last rertnot a first choe. [appus that musbe our bedck principle. but must be able to a decisively on our ownhewe need to.
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i complely reject anyone, cluding myppent, who cal the american mity,nd quote, disaster. iuls an iul gde- t the men a women serving toy and all who he served beforehout the les on the ne i's just not true. we do ha me rko to coin to have thetrongest, stfftive military in the world. i kn ts sething that maers a great deal to evyone in this ro. and he'shaweave to do, c'lose our militarydge. thateans givinthe pentagon the stablepredicble funding nds to make smart instnt f the sequester, the arbitrary caps that congress
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has imposed on our entire government for theas sever years. outll f cti t fat the budget and making sure w stretcoudoars and proud of the fa that when my sbd left office,e d alanced toh a a spl. and iopsomeday we can get cko ing that. but we cannot impose aitrary lits osothing as iortant as our mity. that makes nsee at a. the sequestemas r untry less secure. get audt a alhasupports america' milita, r mies, and our cotry. anl's make refm priority, so t dense departmentpes itsudt the right ings. thi the way, the last weeeis psint who in me name-callinan temper ttrums to washington. we'veoto t peop lieng eh other again. gettinboth parties auay work tetr. l's merzeur army and
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maneuravy and air force, r coast guard. we need to respondo olng threats. from states ke russia,hina, an, and north kore omerrori networks like is we need a militaryhaisea anage icameet the fu rge of rents a operate onho notice acss eve ma, not stand, seaai and spac butlsoybspe. justddtealth precisn weapons and advanced communation d in thpa. will ke rew push reduceheorld's nuclear weons. cae at does make ual fer. an we will stepp r fos to securnueamari arndheornd stop teorts from acqri or
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inweons ofass deruion. e their things i will aprident itoalfoa w clr sture revie we have to maksu tt erica's arnal isrered to et fute threats. we will instn the next onerf liry engagement, precng u.s. inres outer acan cerspac yohave sn pos. hked in a lot of thin, china hahaednta lot of tngs. nto theacked decricational coite, ybe even some atleion syem weavo epp r me ma se a wl defded anab t te the fighto the who go afters. as presinti will make it clr tt e ited ste wi tat cyber attacks jt keny other attacks. ilbeea wh rious litica economic,nd litary resns.
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are goingo ve in precting o gerental twksndur national infrastructure i want us ld the world in settg the rules of cybspe. ifmecaoesn't, oers wl. so i nort, -in srt, we veo rdy to win tay's fit d torw' hat you koth- know thosimrtant ing is't e size of our liryr sophtiti of ouweon the mo impornt thing iou peoplethmen anwomen who t on the uform and sve we neetoake a hd okt our lir's rsnel poci tmake se we ar doing erhi to attract and keheesanthbrhtest volte. nd to suppo n only thembut al tiramie
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asrede, wi ner rg the debt we o tou verans, a your famiesho so sve will neve er srespect go sr fily's w he de e titeacrifice for our naon [alae] or prisonersfarho endured much in our ne. to iulthem isust so wrong. and it ss loabt e rs dnghe insulting. setei worked with republics to increase e net pay to gold sta fal's,o pand access to miliry heahnsan t make se a mbe othe gud d see and eir access to hlt
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benefits, etr eyre deployedr ainingt home. i ught scefuy to amend th 27 defen appropriaon ac t eabsh tining ogm r mi careger hein led os th traumatic innjy. bin injury. setojo mccaiand i joine foes to personally rseon foa start -- ste--t-a rehabacity in sanntioo lperus wnd rvembe cinhome fm iraq and afgnistan. ke y, was outraged by th scandals at v.a. hpils. peop wting for monthor yesorhechairsndas medication. somevedyg ilwaiting foan appointnt. i know tt you arfr secretarycdald, d i kn hoha hanhis team a woing. were going tbuild 21 ceur dartmenofeterans
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afirth delivers rlcls care, a we are not gog to let anyone pratize the v.a. a gng to form and stngen it, notritize i [applause] imelyeuracsso ality care forllf r vera. improvcare for wen w a often undeerd. idenfynd tat all wndof war,isible and invisible inudg ent orangendul wasyndro. draat binnjy d pt. weiland thepem of veteran suici bexndg acce to mentaleah care and fiti t sgma that isat tma oouvera fr gting the care thathe ne. i feel passiaty ouhi i
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ha lkein the eyes ofoo manyamyembers who hav lo tir lov o tuicide. ayagw just o when i read pn to imove mealeah svices incdearins specificeconbo meel r tensnd the famils cause know too nyren't gettg the help they ne rht w. w'veoto rve th just th sveus a ao ing toelp more verans looki fob a exnd t cdifo businesses thahi veterans, reuprt to veterans who want to start thr own businees, d king it eie r tens to get ed f the skills thelenewhe rvg.
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anwe will crk wn on r-profit soo and cpaes o disimat againsseicemrs vetera, mity families. fh should beshed emlv a ware going to ho themccountle weilwo closely with e eran liotoleanp and petehe appealsross. netshod deliver a ickly as psie d appes ou becideds petisly asossible. i thank u r the work you are ing on that. mtied has ppt om democrats a republicans. maintainoumitary and cangorur vetans shld ver be partin su dendg erican ceioli should always be ove politi. th inot a nma electn.
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a n t nma digrmes twn puics d demrats. hope you wl st cefly what my oppont d prose. consid our pnsnd the lu bin them. an aerouavgiven bh faeang, i pe youil join t growi nbeof eransdecrs, puics and iepdes who withpting o visio e nd of future that we wt r r couny. isleioshoul't aut eogy. i's t st abo diffenc ov pic itru iabt who has e experien a the tpement to sve as presidt d mmdein cef 50tee wee a, reblan natnal securi w serveinrior
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reblan administrio wte a tt sinthat ty ll not te forond um cae he uld beinhe wos, the most reckless esideninmerican hto. rasti am dpl hor to havso manretire mility aders bki m angit the rublica eer. i'suorted by peoplon bot sis of t aisle. d thid of thdete that havdeneouforeig li f the lt ea. theynoi liedn birtanorgnoly. e ould be fiinwayso ing ou cotrtoth aunnational securityour ro ithwod, rals. theynothey can countn tooha.
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andhat maertoheishat weakthright choice in nomb gathetakes this ll ares high as any ectn our lifetime. 'm ing toeerainthe issues, epelng ppl where std,ayg t ans fowh i do, if i'm elect. it is aittle nny tme, i get itiz for hin sothg plans. op s, there shgo wh otr anbo mta heth aboetan i vehiolfashiodde if'asngorouote fo prident, should llou what wt to dasou pridt. ppuse] s, he idut pla a i'oi two mheart t ilenthose pns. iinhi fl,o one ll rkarr forurros,ur tens, anoumita fali. thiss rsalo me. arngityad.
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hughodmnlisteinheav shtlafr peararr. bama iepey offer gatak, rth ofhigo reonblfor trni thsas yngairs fo ty ipd t s, -- s,osy the pif ear. aftemyad dd, i reid leers from men who had serv unr h. i eare them tohis d. m h etial heotheheccpaedis aieso e st coast a saw those unsaorget on arthr sps heneso oth wld not suiv t bied in theirau. bied tm.
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anth wt sveto prott our count. th knew eicountrneed them of thlae ar 'velshath prile wki wh, lpg d spoing so ma acveutand retire mitary mbs and filies. s rsla, ens senar,heas secta o ste. awhereu g rip -- reesti y, d ing priledo et wit men an wen who served r cotr i uld sido iwead chcendear what w o thr min she an, ke picture sometis inmeag back thr lovedne kneth se of
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osyog men d me wodn't cinho ehe ithat kdf urage and nothaturenndom in unordensatevy ng da pplaus wi neverorgethat ani ulexct the ameca leon tbey rtr the ie hsetoake se ner . you d alletanderv noin ls. tnk a o th y ao see countr th horyour servi. t jt th words, buwi ed th'whthameric legion iso crica worng every
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dao keuramiclives tthat sndd. i lle inth wk rht algse you, i am veth grton to rvasou pridt d mmandein chf. ouyou al g bss- and gobls e it ste ofmeca. thk u. ppus ♪ >> srery clintoni ul lo tgi y o of ou mellns, scbearth wordsorodndoury thk u forouki wdso our vetensyour suppo o tens, anweish you th vees ms. clintoha y. ppus it'eautif. y wt to sw tth prs anng tre
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♪ thk u ry mh. ♪
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♪ >>rom wednesday at t american legio nional convtion inincinnati,he spee by hillary cnt.
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the rubcanonedonald trp soddss that ouon ursday, and bo othe even a ailable on r websit c-span.or hillar clint'ba on the caai til this mday with her runninmate, timai. redeiaat minee d nar m ine atndg lar day stival clevend ohio. that'live here on c-spat 2:00 easrn timas i wrote to the ite house coverage ntues. ma stories o yterday's lee the fbi ror relateto the hilla cnt e-ilnvtiti, mef e adne oine y a watchi oyour screen. we spo ta repter. r ren at sto on today's "washitojona."
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t story says, hilla clton and hetaersse sotis hapharsyem for exanng ssivenfmaon d re at time unawa o concert --f or uncoerd outolicy. series of personalevesnd servs. a clio'sou of ttinyn julyito joevatns butff fresh details inn' oppones will hable tusin e n- t november's elti. s moreetailsweav a staff wrert eil
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nepaper. odorng. gut: good rng. host: tell more about what wafound tseocen. guest:hink probably e st striking thi o othese w domes ithnuerf me mr cnt sd e uld not rellhe circumstaes rrndg r use of the seer. idozensf times throughout o11 pages oth sumry thinrvw. she idhe cou not rememr bein tiny e at dertmentshdinorecall n a syemrelyin ontate officials to ly som -- to rile lien eiest rely he bt dgnt d e did t reazeha iicated thec
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paraapwod belassified inrmion. i's kind of the ncinf ilding cmil se agast r. fol t isll second-guesshebi decision not toure crimalhaes ainst her? 'shere'a lot ofui circumstantial dai, but no re bbshell wenefr decr cey's teimy that sheen materials nser classifie atheim ilung documents maedlaifd rough her rvs. crit-dakef the sif tngs, the caai i sinthis shows y she ou not he en
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charged. stave y heard frodonald trump ye what ihisesnse? h already reond. aid the fa tt e s nothaeddeeself. he uses the wos get ay with o eoedo ane blerceptn on is otwhethev i eli y
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